Amazing Mondays

Lift Those You Lead


For most of us, these are challenging times. During difficult days it’s important to remember they won’t last forever and things will get better. Tough times never last, but tough people do.  But what if you're not feeling tough enough right now? Here are two simple thoughts of encouragement:  #1 You are stronger and more resilient than you realize. Consider what you’ve been able to overcome in the past. Remember that you are able to do hard things.  #2 There is good that can come from every challenge. Sometimes we just need to search harder to find the [...]

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How to Effectively Lead in Times of Uncertainty and Crisis


Recent world events have turned our normal ways of doing business on its head. With so much uncertainty and chaos, what are leaders to do? As bad as things seem to be right now, these types of situations present an opportunity for leaders and companies to shine. Taking the right steps and focusing on the right things is critical. To effectively navigate these turbulent times, leaders should fully embrace The Four C’s Model. First, leaders and companies should strive to create as much clarity as possible. People (employees, customers, stakeholders) will want to know what the plan is, [...]

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Choose Your Hard


Establishing a healthy company culture is remarkably simple, but it isn’t always easy. It takes conscious daily effort, good strategies, and hard work. However, organizations dealing with problems arising from poor cultures isn’t easy either.   For example, creating the level of clarity needed within your organization to build a strong culture requires relentless repetition. Yet not doing it leads to an organization full of confusion and ambiguity, which causes a never ending road of difficulties and challenges.  Choose your hard.  Establishing the consistency needed for cultural strength requires a significant amount of discipline—discipline that often leaders or organizations [...]

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How to Write A Well-Written Mission Statement


A mission statement is an essential building block to developing a strong organizational culture. When a mission statement is well written, it can inspire a team and provide a unifying purpose.  Unfortunately, too many mission statements are poorly written and do little to help their organization. Below are three essential elements needed to create a mission statement that will have a big impact on your organization. #1 Answer the Critical Question First, the mission statement should clearly answer the question: why do people go to work each day at our organization? People need a clear purpose of why [...]

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Company Culture Made Simple


Establishing a strong company culture can be remarkably simple.  A great culture first starts with creating clarity. When things are clear, it aligns and unifies a team. In essence, it gets everyone rowing in the same direction. Second, a strong culture requires consistency. Consistent practices and predictable patterns of behavior, routines, and systems build trust and cohesion.  Next, adding celebration strengthens a culture. When teams are recognized for their efforts frequently and when they are able to bond together through consistent moments of celebration, it creates a sense of pride and belonging.  Finally, showing charity or helping people [...]

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Breakfast Pizza and Influential Leadership


At a recent conference I presented at, an experienced executive shared an interesting story with me about the most influential boss he’d ever had. When this boss first joined the company, the team was fragmented and performance was poor. Recognizing this, one of the first things the new boss did was require that the entire leadership team have breakfast together every Friday morning. For whatever reason, the inevitable food of choice was always breakfast pizza.   Though there was a lot of grumbling and push back, this new leader would not relent. So, every Friday morning at 8am the [...]

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Helping Your Team Achieve Goals


Last week I shared a simple strategy for achieving your personal goals. Rather than focusing on year long goals, if you break them down to 30 to 60 day bitesize goals it can really help with making progress and actually achieving them.   If it is hard for us as individuals to reach annual goals, what does this mean for our team goals? Many feedback and goal setting processes in organizations are structured around an annual schedule and timeframe. This is a big mistake.  The reason is because annual goals can be easily forgotten or can seem overwhelming or [...]

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How to Achieve Goals


One month in 2020 has already come and gone. So the question is, how are those resolutions and goals coming? If you’ve forgotten about your resolutions already or if you are struggling to work on them, then it may be time to try something new. For most of us, focusing on goals that are a year away is challenging. Many of us struggle to see ourselves that far down the road. However, most of us can envision where we will be and what we can accomplish over the next 30-60 days. Therefore, to achieve those new year’s resolutions, [...]

How to Achieve Goals2020-01-31T10:58:58-06:00

Lead Like a Champion


With the Super Bowl fast approaching, great coaching has been on my mind. I’ve always been fascinated and inspired by great athletic coaches who  find ways to get the most out of their teams.  I believe a lot of what makes a great coach in sports, also makes a great manager, boss, and leader. So today I’d like to share two coaching thoughts that have inspired me and that can help you lead like a champion.    1. Ask More of Your Team First, one of the worst things a coach can do is to not ask enough of [...]

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The #1 Way to Improve Your Customer Experience


What is the best way to improve your customer experience within your organization? This is an often-debated question in many board rooms throughout the world. So, is there a good answer or perhaps a best practice that leaders can turn to? Unfortunately, many supposed surefire solutions out there don’t seem to have the lasting impact leaders and organizations are hoping for and need. The reason is because most ignore the one thing that works best.    The #1 way to improve the customer experience is to improve the employee experience within your organization. How you treat your team members [...]

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