5 Reasons Why Good Employees Quit

The Center For Company Culture

The Center
 Company Culture

The Center For Company Culture

#1  Your
Company's Purpose Isn't Clear

Sure, they get a paycheck, and they like a few of their co-workers; but at some point, this isn’t enough.

#2   Their Role     isn't Clear

When people fail to understand how their specific work contributes to the mission of the organization, they begin to question why their job matters. 

#3   An Unstable Work Environment

No one likes feeling they are treading on unstable ground. Good employees want to feel secure in their jobs, and when they don’t, they begin to look elsewhere

#4   a Lack of Celebration 

Too often, good employees feel their efforts go unrecognized, or they feel underappreciated at work. When this happens, they begin to search for new opportunities. 

#5   a Lack of Feeling cared about

It is really hard to walk away from an organization where you know  people care about you. It is really easy to walk away when you believe no one does.

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