Most of us know we should be grateful, but it can be hard at times to remember. Here are two good reasons why we must all make it a priority in our life and why we must always remember to be grateful.

#1 For You

The first reason why we should be grateful is because of you and how it impacts your life. Numerous studies on gratitude have shown that those who are thankful experience more positive emotions, develop deeper relationships, feel more alive, sleep better, have more energy, express more compassion and kindness to others, and even have stronger immune systems. The benefits of becoming someone who is grateful are nearly endless. So if for no other reason, be grateful for what it does to you and how it can positively impact your life.

#2 For Others

Reason number two why gratitude should always be a priority in your life is how it effects others. Those who feel appreciated are more likely to want to contribute, engage, share their opinions, push for greater results, do their best, and remain loyal. When we express gratitude to others, especially within our organizations, it builds a sense of security, unity, and love. Gratitude is a form of celebration and recognition. It is also an expression of kindness and charity. Expressing gratitude often toward others will make you a more respected leader and will strengthen the health of your organizational culture.

The power of gratitude and how it can positively impact you and your organization is real. Be grateful this Thanksgiving season and always. And I sincerely wish you and your organization a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

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