Gallup recently released their findings from their largest global study on work, and the results are not all that surprising. In their study they discovered that the quality of a company’s managers and leaders is the most critical element to long-term company success. I didn’t need a Gallup study to know this was the most critical, but it’s good to see their research confirms what most of us already knew.   

Last Monday my book, Be An Awesome Boss!, was released on In this book I explain The Four C’s Model that leads to leadership success. If ever there was a book that could help a company with what they need most for long-term success, this is it!   

Being an awesome boss, or becoming one, not only will help you in your personal growth and career but it will also improve the lives of all those you serve. Becoming a great leader is extremely rewarding.  

So if you want satisfaction in your career and if you want long-term success for yourself and your company, then today is the day to learn to be an awesome boss 

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