Few would argue that we are living in turbulent times. If there is anything I’ve been reminded of over the last 3 months, it is the importance of relationship-based leadership.

Relationship-based leadership is characterized by a proactive approach to building relationships of trust with those you lead. It involves taking a genuine interest as well as involvement in the development and well-being of team members.  

When things are crazy, this type of leadership trumps others because levels of hope and trust remain high while common distractions such as worry, fear, and stress are minimized. This leads to tasks being completed with urgency as team members are able to pull together, focus, and put forth their best effort.  

More than power-based or incentive-based leadership styles, I’ve seen that relationship-based leaders can harness the power of meaningful relationships to get a lot more done in effective ways during times of uncertainty and unrest.   

So how do you become a relationship-based leader? Simply prioritize building genuine relationships with those you lead. 

What will you do this week to build stronger relationships with your people? 

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