If you manage people, your influence on others is huge! Period. Whether you know it or not, or believe it or not, your influence on the people you lead impacts all things in their life. Notice I didn’t say work, I said life! 

As a leader, you have a tremendous privilege to influence others, for good or for bad. The direct impact you have on the lives of those you supervise is hard to quantify, but in many cases, if you’re not number one, youre among the top three most influential people in their lives. In so many ways you impact their emotional, mental, and even physical wellbeing. 

Your actions as a leader go well beyond the walls at the office. Your relationships with those you supervise stay with them no matter where they may be. You have an impact on their home life, on their social life, on their sense of confidence and well-being; your relationship with them even has an effect on them while they are on vacation! Think about it: your influence is ever present on those you manage and lead.  

Is your role important? You better believe it is!  

Management of people is an important responsibility. One that should never be taken lightly! 

Today, consider and fully embrace the impact you have on others. Contemplate whether your effect on others is positive and good.  

Most people remember their bosses for the rest of their lives! How will you be remembered?    

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