As a CEO of a health care facility, there were only two types of employees I wanted working for my organization. One type was the frontline employee who took great care of my patients, families, and visitors. The other type was those who took great care of the frontline employees. That’s it! Those were the only types of employees I wanted. 

In my health care facility we believed as leaders we worked for our staff. It was our job to always help our team look good to our customers. If we weren’t doing that, then we weren’t doing our job.  

We would share this leadership philosophy during every interview and during every new employee orientation. The two types of employees we wanted was made very clear. We wanted everyone to know that our leadership team worked for the frontline staff—that we were there to serve them. 

Every once in awhile I’d hire a leader that couldn’t embrace our leadership philosophy. They wanted their employees to work for them and serve them, rather than the other way around. They believed their employees were there to make them look good as the boss. This kind of leader never lasted long on my team.  

So what happened at this health care facility as a result of our leadership philosophy we professed and espoused? We had a long line of applicants and achieved truly incredible clinical and financial results.  

What leadership philosophy are you living by in your organization? What leadership style are you making sure is clear to everyone? Having the right leadership in place will create incredible results for your organization.  

Perhaps you should consider only hiring two kinds of employees as well. 

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