It’s another new week, a fresh start, a chance to reach your goals and do something amazing! Another opportunity to reprioritize and align yourself with your dreams and goals!  

What will you choose to do with it? Who will you choose to be? So much depends on this day, right now—Monday, the start of a new week. 

Too many people will choose to dread today. They will start their week off on the wrong foot. This is a totally avoidable mistake!  

Monday sets the tone for the entire week. If you can discipline yourself to be excited, energized, and engaged on Mondays, it will carry with you throughout the week.  

If you choose to be down, depressed, and disappointed on Mondays, well, that will also carry with you throughout the week. 

So I guess the choice is yours. Do you want to simply survive or do you want to thrive?!  

To make my Mondays great, I get up a little earlier than normal. I plan and set goals for the week of what I will accomplish, and I choose to have a great attitude. I tell myself and others that I love Mondays! 

So what will you do today? How will you make Monday a great day—a day that will set you up for success your entire week? 

This is your day—no fears, no worries, no stopping you—today, more than any other day of the week.  

You own Monday!

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