Are the best company cultures results-driven or relationship-driven? The answer is both!

Organizations with healthy company cultures have a superior blend of being both results-driven and relationship-driven. They place an emphasis on building relationships while driving performance.

Most organizations struggle with this concept. Most are lopsided and either focus primarily on results or primarily on relationships, making their cultures less effective.

I’ve worked with both kinds of organizations. The results-driven organization was full of disgruntled leaders, unhappy customers, and staff who felt burnt out. Though results were achieved, it came with a heavy price tag. As you might imagine, the good outcomes became unsustainable over time for the results-driven company.  

Conversely, the relationship-driven business was a more pleasant place to work and everyone seemed to get along, but there was a problem. Results were poor and weren’t improving. When questioned, the leader of the team said he was certain performance would improve in time but did little to focus on the team’s lack of performance. As you might imagine, this leader didn’t last nor did the team stay intact when results never improved.

 The best institutions are focused equally on both. They know that both relationships and results produce the best outcomes.

So how is your balance? Are you more focused on results or relationships?

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