simple solutions

Too often we assume complex problems require complex solutions. However, the best solutions for big and complicated problems are often small and simple.

Unfortunately, small and simple answers are frequently rejected. One reason is because of a sophistication bias many of us hold. We believe something simple and easy could never solve something complicated and big.

When we refuse a simple solution, we make a big mistake. 

Creating clarity by communicating more frequently, showing compassion toward those you lead, or celebrating more often are some simple solutions that can solve complex cultural and personnel problems in the workplace.

Expressing appreciation, sincerely listening, saying you’re sorry, or simply offering a helping hand are simple actions that have the power to resolve interpersonal conflicts in our organizations.

A little more consistency and a small tweak to a system here, or a minor shift of responsibilities and a slight change of mindset there have all been simple solutions used to resolve complex business and leadership problems.

At the end of the day, small things added together have the power to completely transform your culture and your results.

If you are dealing with big and complicated issues, look to the small and simple solutions that surround you. 

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