Does your team understand what winning looks like for your organization? Is it super clear what results must be achieved in order to claim victoryEnsuring team members know what winning looks like is a great way to help establish a strong culture that gets results.  

Can you imagine a basketball game without a scoreboard? Where the players, coaches, and spectators have no idea who is winning? Or how about an Olympic running event without a defined finish line or even a stopwatch keeping time? Sounds ridiculous doesn’t itWould anyone have any interest in such an event?    

Much like a sporting event without a scoreboard, work can feel pretty dull, pointless, and uninspiring without clear goals, clear measurement on progress toward those goals, and results. Almost everyone wants to belong to a winning team, and its impossible if no one knows what winning means for your organization.    

Imagine how things might be different at work if your people were always aware of their performance. Imagine how they might feel if they knew exactly what winning looked like and knew if they were winning or not. 

So what does winning look like for your team? Is it clear? If what winning looks like isn’t clear in the minds of each of your employees, then begin today to make it clear. Providing clarity around what success looks like for your team will not only improve results but will make your company a better place to work. 

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