What does every company need in order to have a strong organizational culture? A deeply shared sense of purpose and a broadly shared dream.

Without purpose, employees will show up to do a job but they will mostly be self-interested. Sure, there will be a small handful who innately look out for the wellbeing of the organization, but without a clear purpose, your people won’t be all that motivated to help the company or their team to thrive. Why should they?
A deeply shared sense of purpose means everyone knows it and understands it. It’s clear to everyone. And those who don’t seem interested and passionate about the purpose are invited to move on quickly. This leaves the organization with a motivated group committed to their cause.

Without a dream, people’s best work is left behind. A broadly shared dream connects people together and unites them. It captures their attention and focus, and improves productivity and engagement. With a clear dream, people do their job not just to complete a task but to make the dream a reality.

What are you doing to ensure a deeply shared sense of purpose and a broadly shared dream exists in your organization? Imagine how this might impact the results within your company.

Begin now to provide clarity around the purpose and dream of your organization and watch your company’s success grow.

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