Good leadership doesn’t have to be complicated. Though many experts would have you believe otherwise, I’ve learned great leadership comes down to an accumulation of doing a lot of small and simple things consistently. When leaders discipline themselves to do little things each day that show those they lead that they care about them, it has a transformative effect on everyone. 

At the crux of great leadership is consistency. Sure doing the right things every once in a while is nice and will have some impact but results will never last long this way. However, when a leader can do simple things over and over and over again without fail, that’s when they truly change the lives of those they lead. Consistency in doing small things makes all the difference.  

So what small things will you be doing today that will enhance your leadership and ultimately change the lives of those you lead? What simple things can you plan to do consistently day in and day out, week in and week out, month in and month out, year in and year out that will make you a great leader? Remember, it’s not just one act (whether big or small) that makes a leader great, but rather an accumulation of small things that add up and change the world.  

Need some ideas? Check out my book, “How Leaders can Strengthen Their Organization’s Culture”. It offers 28 simple and effective ways leaders can help their organizations improve. It also highlights how great leadership comes down to consistency with small and simple things, rather than sporadic big and elaborate things which so many leaders are prone to.  

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