Let’s talk today about why culture matters—why it works at transforming and positively impacting all results within an organization.

So why does it work? The answer is simple really. A company with a strong workplace culture taps in to the emotional and intellectual energy of every employee. 

When a workplace culture is weak or unhealthy, people often do just enough to get by. They never emotionally or intellectually engage. They fail to feel a compelling reason to give their all. They don’t believe they are a part of anything special or significant so they simply do what they have to do to collect a paycheck. As a result, performance is never what it could be.   

When a workplace culture is strong, just the opposite is true. When people are happy at work, when they love the environment that exists, when they feel a sense of belonging, security, and purpose, they willingly give their heart and soul to make the company successful. When a truly strong culture exists, every ounce of emotional and intellectual energy is used to help the business flourish.  

Imagine that! Imagine every employee giving their heart and soul to helping your company or team succeed! What would that blike?  

Too many leaders and organizations brush aside the impact culture has on company resultssimply because it is hard to measure. Don’t let that be you.   

To begin this new week, consider what you are doing to improve your results through strengthening and transforming your culture. Don’t wait. Reach out for help if you need it.

You can begin today to capture the emotional and intellectual energy of your employees by focusing on and striving to strengthen your culture!


Learn more on how you can strengthen your culture today by clicking here.

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