Last week I introduced the first 5 Leadership Principles To Live By that will help anyone become a great leader. These five principles included removing fear, standing on equal ground, serving those you lead, being a teacher, and working hard. Today I will share the final 4 leadership principles to live by that will help you have a lasting impact on those you lead.

#6 Set An Example

A leader’s example is their most powerful tool. How a leader behaves will be mimicked by those who follow them. Too often leaders down play the role their example plays in the performance of their team. The truth is, a leader’s example sets the tone for performance and results. If you want those who follow you to perform well, then start by performing well yourself. Great leaders set great examples.

#7 Do Not Boast

Have you ever been around a leader who boasts a lot and seems only interested in their own greatness and success? This attitude can drain a team and have a negative impact on their performance. Rather than boasting, great leaders give credit to others. They actively deflect attention they receive and seek to shine the light on others. They recognize the contribution of others in their success and simply don’t boast. A humble leader who does not boast shows discipline and inspires those around them to follow them.

#8 Believe In & Share a Higher Purpose

The next principle is to believe in and share a higher purpose. The best leaders are driven by a cause. They believe in something greater than themselves and share this purpose with those they lead. Rather than seeking personal gain or recognition, they work toward a vision that benefits all.  Then they share that vision frequently and invite others to join the cause. Driven by a purpose, great leaders find a way to get results. And this higher purpose they share inspires those they lead to do the same.

#9 Show Appreciation

The final leadership principle to live by is to show appreciation to others. Results are not often achieved by personal greatness alone or isolated efforts. Amazing results take contributions from many individuals. Great leaders recognize this and share appreciation often with their team. They find ways to say thank-you and ensure people know they are valued. They give credit to others and thank people often for their help.

These 9 leadership principles to live by can help any leader impact their teams in an enduring way. Great leaders find a way to set an example, avoid boasting, believe in and share a higher purpose, and show appreciation. Leaders who are serious about success should strive to implement these 9 leadership principles. Doing so will have a lasting impact on those they lead.

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