Being a great leader is hard.  It requires a tremendous amount of discipline, courage, and self-sacrifice.  Those who want to be good leaders must work at it constantly.  Here are the first 5 of 9 leadership principles to live by that will help anyone become a great leader and have a lasting impact on those they lead.

#1 Remove Fear

It can be natural at times for people to fear those in leadership positions.  After all, leaders can heavily influence their lives not only economically but also emotionally, mentally, and in other ways.  Removing fear helps people feel valued and secure.  It also endears them to their leader and makes them become someone who they want to follow.  A good leader knows that if people do not fear him or her, then they can get the best out of those they lead.

#2  Stand on Equal Ground

The next principle is to stand on equal ground with those you lead.  Too many leaders relish being in a position of power and view themselves above those they lead.  A smart leader understands they are just like everyone else with desires, wants, and fears.  They recognize they have strengths and weaknesses like everyone does, and they share this frequently with their team.  They admit to their mistakes quickly, apologize, and openly profess they are no better than those they lead.  They truly believe and acknowledge they are on equal ground.

#3  Serve Those You Lead

Great leaders seek first to serve others rather than to be served by others.  When leaders feel a deep obligation to help their people succeed, they capture the hearts and minds of those they lead.  Serving others by putting the wants and desires of those you lead first before your own is not easy but leads to the best results.  Leaders with a service mindset encourage their people to serve others as well.  There is almost no better way to gain the trust of those you lead than to actively serve them.

#4  Be a Teacher

The next principle is to find opportunities to teach often.  Good leaders know if they can empower their people with knowledge then it will help them and their people to be successful.  Teaching is an extension of a service mindset.  Good leaders help people learn and develop their skills.  People know you care about them when you enthusiastically teach them and help them to grow.

#5  Work Hard

Finally, leaders must work hard.  Most often, the best leaders don’t take extra days off, shift their work to others, or deflect the hard jobs and difficult challenges that come their way.  They feel it is their duty as the leader to work longer and harder than others and to set the standard for hard work—so they do it.   They put in the time and help others see the fruits that come with hard work and effort.

These are the first 5 of 9 leadership principles that can help any leader be more successful.  Removing fear, standing on equal ground, serving those you lead, being a teacher, and working hard will help any leader find success and leave a legacy of leadership that will have an enduring impact on those they lead.

(On next week’s Amazing Monday I will share the final 4 leadership principles.  Until then, have an awesome day!)

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