Establishing a strong company culture can be remarkably simple. 

A great culture first starts with creating clarity. When things are clear, it aligns and unifies a team. In essence, it gets everyone rowing in the same direction.

Second, a strong culture requires consistency. Consistent practices and predictable patterns of behavior, routines, and systems build trust and cohesion. 

Next, adding celebration strengthens a culture. When teams are recognized for their efforts frequently and when they are able to bond together through consistent moments of celebration, it creates a sense of pride and belonging. 

Finally, showing charity or helping people feel they are cared about at work and known is needed to solidify the strength of a company’s culture. 

That’s it. Strong company cultures are built on high levels of clarity, consistency, celebration, and charity. 

So decide now what you will do today to increase clarity, consistency, celebration and charity among those you lead. 

The reality is, any company, big or small, rich or poor, young or old, can build a strong culture.  It really is simple!

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