One simple way to improve organizational culture and leadership effectiveness is through gratitude. An expression of gratitude does two powerful things:

First, it helps the recipient feel appreciated, recognized, and valued. When someone feels this way, it makes it easier for them to work hard and it increases their desire to do good work. 

Second, gratitude softens the heart of the giver and endears them to the person to whom they are expressing appreciation. It helps them see those around them as people and as contributors to their personal success.

One simple way to share gratitude is by regularly writing thank-you notes. Most leaders believe they are too busy to write personalized thank-you notes. However, the best leaders I know make this simple practice a top priority. 

My challenge for you this week is this: take time to unlock the power of gratitude by writing and delivering at least three thank-you notes. 

Organizations and leaders who fail to express gratitude negatively impact their results, while those who make a conscious effort to share it always improve results. Gratitude is power!

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