Simon Sinek provided great insight when he said, “Give people a reason to come to work, not just a place to go to work.” 

So what is the difference and why does it matter?

Most companies provide only a place to go to work, so that is exactly what their employees do. They go to work, do what they must do to get by, and look forward to their next paycheck.

The best companies however are different. They give their people a clear reason to come to work. They help them feel they are contributing to something bigger than themselves. As a result, their people go to work, do their best, put in extra time and effort, and then look forward to the next day. They believe they are part of something special.   

As you might imagine, providing a reason to come to work rather than just a place to go to work leads to more engaged, loyal, and productive team members. It builds a sense of pride and belonging.

So how do you do it?

The best way to give people a reason to come to work is through a clear, concise, and inspirational mission. A well-written and publicized mission provides purpose and direction. And when the purpose of your company is clear, the right people will want to join it and be a part of it.

So ask yourself, why should people want to come to work for you? 

And is this reason clear?

Delivering a clear reason for your people to come to work is one of the best ways to improve your company’s culture and tap into the hearts and minds of those you lead. Those leaders and organizations that make an effort to give their people a compelling reason to come to work each day will enjoy greater success and results.

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