Recent world events have turned our normal ways of doing business on its head. With so much uncertainty and chaos, what are leaders to do?

As bad as things seem to be right now, these types of situations present an opportunity for leaders and companies to shine. Taking the right steps and focusing on the right things is critical. To effectively navigate these turbulent times, leaders should fully embrace The Four C’s Model.

First, leaders and companies should strive to create as much clarity as possible. People (employees, customers, stakeholders) will want to know what the plan is, how they should respond and act, and what the future holds. Clearly and frequently communicating your purpose, vision, values, expectations as well as updates toward goals will create feelings of confidence and reassurance.

Next, leaders and companies need to strive to maintain some level of consistency within their organization. Sure things will change but what things can remain the same? Also, leaders should specifically focus on being consistent with things within their control such as their own attitude, actions, and approach to situations. Striving to establish consistency will produce feelings of security and stability.

Then leaders and organizations should remember to celebrate. Though times are tough, look for the silver linings and celebrate even small wins. Recognizing team members for their efforts and dedication during these challenging times is critical. Also lighten the mood and try to have some fun along the way. Focusing on celebrating during a crisis boosts morale and trust.

Finally, leaders and companies need to show charity. This crisis is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate your true colors and people will be watching. Will you have genuine care and concern for people (including employees, customers, and the community) or will you put short term gains first? Some difficult decisions may arise, so how you handle those will be important. Remember, you can always show charity regardless of the actions with high levels of clarity, sensitivity, and kindness.    

Boosting clarity, consistency, celebration, and charity within your organization will always help you improve performance. However, during times of crisis more than any other time, companies need to embrace The Four C’s Model to help them effectively lead and shine.

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