lift those you lead

For most of us, these are challenging times. During difficult days it’s important to remember they won’t last forever and things will get better. Tough times never last, but tough people do. 

But what if you’re not feeling tough enough right now? Here are two simple thoughts of encouragement: 

#1 You are stronger and more resilient than you realize. Consider what you’ve been able to overcome in the past. Remember that you are able to do hard things. 

#2 There is good that can come from every challenge. Sometimes we just need to search harder to find the silver lining and take advantage of these unique circumstances. 

As a leader, it is important to stay positive during difficult times. Those you lead will look to you and follow your lead. They will need encouragement.

In the coming days and weeks, remind them of these thoughts often and make it a goal, especially during the difficult times, to always lift those you lead.

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