lead like a champion

With the Super Bowl fast approaching, great coaching has been on my mind. I’ve always been fascinated and inspired by great athletic coaches who  find ways to get the most out of their teams. 

I believe a lot of what makes a great coach in sports, also makes a great manager, boss, and leader. So today I’d like to share two coaching thoughts that have inspired me and that can help you lead like a champion.   

1. Ask More of Your Team

First, one of the worst things a coach can do is to not ask enough of their team. Athletes, as well as those that we lead, have unlimited amounts of untapped potential. Great coaches and leaders recognize this capacity and then actively draw it out of their team.

When a coach or a leader does not ask enough of their team, it can lead to a lack of confidence, complacency, a lack of growth, and unfulfillment. When not challenged appropriately, people know or at least feel, they are being underutilized.    

The best coaches and leaders see the world differently than others. Rather than worry about asking too much from their people, they push their teams beyond their limits and expect great things from themeven greater than what each person may currently believe is possible. 

2. Love Your Team

Second, to drive people to the limits, you must match it with tenaciously caring about them. 

Instruction and correction without care and concern leads to discouragement, resentment, and failure. However, if paired with equal or greater care and concern, it can stretch people to reach new heights and become their best selves.

Tough coaches, and tough bosses for that matter, are often either beloved or despised. What makes the difference?  It is whether their people feel loved.

When team members feel loved, then they know their boss is pushing them to help them become better. If, however, that love is missing, then team members believe their boss is simply being a jerk. 

Great coaches and leaders understand this and they do all they can to show love for their team.   

So, my Super Bowl week challenge for you is simple. Lead like a champion by asking more of your team, while also displaying greater love for those that you lead.

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