customer experience

What is the best way to improve your customer experience within your organization? This is an often-debated question in many board rooms throughout the world. So, is there a good answer or perhaps a best practice that leaders can turn to?

Unfortunately, many supposed surefire solutions out there don’t seem to have the lasting impact leaders and organizations are hoping for and need. The reason is because most ignore the one thing that works best.   

The #1 way to improve the customer experience is to improve the employee experience within your organization. How you treat your team members is directly related to how they will treat your customers. If your employee has a great experience with your organization, you can bet the customer will have a great experience.

In an irony of all ironies, I’ve seen on more than one occasion employees being berated by well-intentioned leaders for not providing better customer service. It is the classic do what I say not what I do scenario. The reality is that most of your employees will treat your customers exactly how you treat them.    

Many organizations who have figured this out have reallocated resources from customer satisfaction efforts to efforts centered around creating a great employee experience. As a result, they’ve made real, lasting strides in customer satisfaction.

So if you want to have the best customer experience, then take the best care of your employees.

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