A great strategy to improve the results within your organization is to take great care of your team. Many studies have proven that leaders who are able to establish a culture where employees feel valued, recognized, and cared about perform better than those who don’t. But how do you do it? How can a leader take better care of their people when they are so busy and have so much already on their plates?

Below is a list of nine simple ideas that will help you take better care of those you lead and create a stronger workplace culture without demanding too much of your time.

1. Know all of your staff by name
2. Show appreciation and say thank-you often
3. Offer to help on a difficult or undesirable task and then do it
4. Share often why their job is important
5. Remind them of the difference they are making to others and especially to you
6. Help them see their work as a calling that serves a higher purpose rather than just a job
7. Smile
8. Discover something new about someone on your team each day
9. Offer a sincere compliment

Taking great care of your team is so important for effective leadership. Start today to improve the culture within your team by doing a few of the simple suggestions above. Once those become habit add a few more. You will be surprised by how performance increases by doing these simple things!

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