Providing clarity should be at the very top of the priority list for any leader. Why? Clarity brings certainty and reassurance to a teamIt removes confusion, roadblocks, and misalignment. It contributes to camaraderie, trust, and understanding. It builds confidence, loyalty, and respect. It provides direction. The importance of establishing clarity to effective leadership cannot be overstated.    

Great leaders start by clarifying three important things.    


First, they provide clarity around the purpose of work. If people don’t know why they do what they do, work will not be as fulfilling as it ought to be. When a team understand the purpose behind all the effortit serves to motivate and inspire them.  


Second, they provide clarity around where the organization is going. They share a compelling vision and paint a clear picture of the organization’s ultimate destination. They ensure everyone knows where they are headed and how the team will help contribute to the world.  


Finally, they clarify the values or behavioral expectations that will help the organization live their purpose and make the vision a reality. Providing clarity around values helps guide how people interact with one another and with others outside of the organization. Clear values offer stability and unity in what the group represents, believes in, and stands for. 

How are you doing at providing clarity to your team around these most important things? Are they super clear in everyone’s mind? If not, start today to improve clarity about the purpose, vision, and values of your team and it will greatly enhance your ability to be a successful and effective leader. 

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