simple way

How often are you sharing your mission, vision and values? 

Once or twice a year? Perhaps quarterly? Maybe once a month? 

When asked, most leaders respond that those who work for them know exactly what the mission, vision, and values of their organization are. However when put to the test, most don’t know them. 

Why the discrepancy? 

Many leaders share something once or twice and then assume everyone has got it when they don’t. 

For this reason, repetition is a hallmark of successful leaders. Become comfortable with repeating yourself again and again and again and again.     

Leaders who err on the side of ‘people probably need to hear this again’, rather than ‘everyone has already heard this’, have much more success at establishing organizational clarity. 

And clarity is critical to success in any organization! 

Most leaders share their mission, vision, and values from time to time. Good leaders share them more often. The best leaders repeat them over and over again and then always live true to them. 

So if you want a simple way to be a better leader, then make a commitment to sharing your mission, vision, and values frequently. 

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