I love this time of year when so many people are focused on giving to others.

Giving is a wonderful thing. It softens hearts, changes behavior, and strengthens relationships. Giving has a positive impact on both the receiver and the giver. Meaningful giving can even change lives.

As a business leader, what do you plan to give those you lead this year? Will it be a nice Christmas party, a year-end bonus or some other nice gift? Will it be a heart-felt Christmas card or some extra praise, appreciation, and recognition? All of those would be great gifts! 

However, the most memorable and life-changing gift you can give your team this year is the gift of a great workplace culture. Imagine how life might be different for you and for those you lead if you focus on creating an incredible work environment that everyone is proud to be part of.

Giving the gift of a healthy company culture will change your life and the lives of those you lead.

Rather than being like most leaders this year, give your people something unique, significant, meaningful, and lasting. Give the perfect gift a leader can give. Give the gift of culture! 

To join in the giving spirit, and as a way to help you with your gift of culture,  I’m giving away 10 signed copies of my book “Be An Awesome Boss: The Four C’s to Leadership Success” to the first 10 people who message me with the address they’d like me to ship it to. I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

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