How do you measure the effectiveness and health of your company’s culture? 

Some companies I’ve worked with believe they have a great culture because people are generally nice to each other and everyone seems to get along . Others believe they have an amazing culture because they offer a lot of benefits and perks they think their employees love. And yet others believe that because employee turnover is very low, their culture must be good. 

Though all of these factors certainly shape and influence a company’s culture, the ultimate barometer for whether a company’s culture is strong or not is results. Healthy company cultures produce results. Period.

Too many leaders shy away from focusing on culture because they believe it is all kumbaya, and apple pie. They don’t see the real value culture adds. They fail to realize that culture is measured by the results it produces. And the incredible thing about culture is that it influences all results.  

Now some may say, wait a minute, I know a company with a bad culture that has good financial results. What about them?

Most adept leaders and organizations can find a way to create good financial results for a short period of time without a healthy culture. Truly healthy company cultures, however, produce sustainable, lasting results over time. 

So how do you ultimately know if your company’s culture is great? 

The answer is your results.  

If your company’s results are less than what they ought to be, then I suggest focusing on improving the health of your culture!

To learn more about how your company culture is doing, take this short quiz by clicking here.

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