As the coronavirus pandemic continues, public tension around differing opinions on how to proceed are escalating. This is causing division at a time when unity should prevail.

Why does this happen? 

Though on a smaller scale, discord and infighting persist in many organizations across the world. Though employees are working toward common goals, differing opinions often fester and tear teams apart. This divisiveness leads to many unfortunate outcomes such as a loss of trust, poor performance, or even the complete dismantling of a team or organization.  

It doesn’t have to be this way!   

One of the best parts of my work is helping companies unite around a common cause. Helping leaders construct and then rally their team around a clear mission and vision is both inspiring and humbling. I’ve seen many fragmented teams come together as they clarify and begin to share a common purpose.   

But why does this work? 

One reason is because resolving problems is no longer about who is right or who is wrong. It is no longer about picking sides or fighting for individual aspirations. Instead, disagreements turn to unifying discussions around what will help the team live its mission and accomplish the vision. Rather than me versus you, the debate becomes about us and our combined effort to best achieve our common purpose.

Leaders have the opportunity and privilege, and even the responsibility to set a clear course and eliminate ambiguity and confusion. 

With a clear mission and vision that are widely known and understood, leaders can unify their companies rather than allow them to be divided. 

When teams unite around a common cause, the potential of what they can accomplish together becomes limitless.

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