It’s time to start a rally cry. It’s time to decide what you and your team must focus on to help you survive and thrive through this unprecedented pandemic. 

A rally cry is a simple unifying message that clearly defines what’s needed most right now. It is a call to action. It narrows focus and trumps everything else that has to be done. It aligns a team around an important cause. 

Our world has even adopted a rally cry during this pandemic. Flatten the curve has called us to action and has motivated us to do many things we wouldn’t normally do. We’ve all made personal sacrifices and changes in our behavior as a result of this rally cry. 

So what is your team’s rally cry? What will get you through this tumultuous time? What does your team need to get behind and push together?   

It’s time for leaders to circle the wagons, assemble the troops, and focus everyone’s attention on what is most critical to ensure the team’s success. A rally cry can get you through this tough time.

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