defining moment

A crisis has a way of highlighting leadership. In many ways, what you do now will have a bigger impact on your people than all the good and inspiring things you do during normal times. 

Isn’t this what leadership is all about? It is much easier to lead when things are going smoothly. The real test of a leader is how they react and behave when times are tough. 

To be successful, your communication must be at an all-time high. Likewise, so should your empathy. Now is not the time to shrink or hide away. Now is the time to be persistent, open, available, vulnerable, and resilient. 

Consider how you will want to be remembered as a leader during this pandemic. Imagine a year from now reflecting back to this time. What does your leadership look like?   

Today, people are looking for leadership. They are looking for someone who they can follow and trust.  

After this crisis will you be a better or worse leader? No leader will stay the same. The choice is ultimately yours.

This is your defining moment.

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